The Friendship of love and Light Spiritual Church

Spiritual Church Paisley

     The Friendship of Love and Light

                      Spiritual Church

               Foxbar Rivers Community 


               Spey Avenue Foxbar




 ..Our Church

 ...Doreen Polson is our President , she has been with the church since Eddie opens it back in 2001.   She runs the church with the help of the development circle.  It her aim to keep Eddie's vision alive by running it the way he would have, but also adding a little magic of her own.   Our aim this year is to help those people and charities that are in most need.




             The Church Of Friendship Love And Light


                            Welcome – to our little church

               To many here, it means so much

         Some people come because they’re lost

            The friendship here is free of cost


            It isn’t grand – just a modest hall

          But it’s full of love inside its walls 

       We share our worries – hopes and fears 

There’s lots of laughter – sometimes tears


It rids us all of greed or gain

We learn to share each others pain

There is always someone – to lend an ear

To any troubles, we may bear


It helps us look at life – anew

The friends in here – all help us through

So – if you have struggles – that are hard to fight


Share in friendship – love and light

Our symbol is a pure white Dove

Because – this is a church of Love




                                             Via spirit


We are proud to present some of the best mediums who will demonstrate a hour of Mediumship, their ability to communicate with spirit reassures you that you love ones are well and can still watch over you proving that there is life after death and that their love for us still grows.  Spiritualist believes our love ones spirit is alive but has moved on to a happier place.






  We are open every Sunday our service begins at 18.30.  We begin by greeting you with a warm welcome as you come through the door.   The first half is our Service, an hours Mediumship followed by a Spiritual Healing.   Our Development Circle is a closed circle, but we also have Random open circles and Workshops.  

Our own circle member Linda walker is a Psychic Artist in the making and is doing very well, she sits at the side drawing weekly.  Private Drawing are available, see church events.

Private Sittings are available and held on the last Sunday of the month by appointment.

After a small break we have a Healing circle conducted by a full Sash Healer.  Mary McDonald takes the Healing circle we believe healing is the most important part of the night.    We also have Random open circles and Private Sittings on the last Sunday of the month.


                    The Friendship of love and light



                                 welcomes you...




  Spiritualism is a recognized religion that teaches us personal spirituality.  Spiritualists accept the Seven Principles as their guidelines for a way of life. These principles form the core of the religion and are the accepted and recognized definition of the religious philosophy of Spiritualism. Spiritualism is also about being compassionate, caring and forgiving to all sentient beings, including you.